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Artistic Solutions and Production
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Associate Member

Associate Members are by invitation only. They must have an advanced portfolio of work and come highly recommended by clients and ASaP Associates who they have worked with. We thoroughly check references and select our team very carefully. ASaP is looking for talented people who are sociable and able to collaborate with other talented individuals. Only the portfolios of Associate Members will be displayed on the ASaP website. New Associate Members will be selected from those that have joined as Intro or Basic Member and who have proven themselves to be competent, friendly, problem solvers. ASaP is currently setting a limit of 12 Associate Members per service to deliver each of our 120 services. ASaP will not recruit additional Associate Members for a specific area or service until the existing Members delivering that service no longer have the capacity to service our client base.

Membership Fee:
Fee $500 with a $100 rebate if the registration process is completed within one month. Web upkeep fee of $10 per month, per service that you are promoted under. This fee will be automatically charged to your credit card to keep the website well optimized with Google, pay per click ads for the services that you provide. It will also help us fund the SEO marketing needed to direct customers to your service page and ultimately to your portfolio.

• Must first be accepted as an ASaP Creative Professional by a Department Consultant or above before being able to become an Associate Member.

• The Creative goes through the Orientation Program to become familiar with how the company works so that he/she can interface easily with the ASaP sales team (Client Assistants) before he/she can be published on the ASaP website as an official ASaP Creative Professional.

• Subscription to the ASaP creative newsletters and 1st level Project Hotline (1st in line to receive work from ASaP).

• Being one out of only 12 others who are displayed under a service.

• Creative information permanently logged into all ASaP information directories used by ASaP Client Assistants and Project Coordinators to locate Creatives for our Clients.

• Published in the ASaP print and digital directories.

• 10 Tear-sheets with work samples created by the ASaP graphic artist.

• Tear-sheets submitted to the ASaP Creative Print Directory to be distributed to all of ASaP’s sales force and to its major clients.

• Tear-sheets submitted to the ASaP digital CD Directories and used as promotion for all ASaP clients and potential clients.

• Published on the ASaP website and able to display up to 100 samples of work. Creatives will be able to personally upload or take down samples at will.

• This gives the Creative an opportunity to be selected to be featured in one of the ASaP Weekly / Monthly “Trade Secrets” Client newsletters.

• Easy to send a link from the Creative’s webpage to ASaP Clients in promotional e-mail.

• Eligible to create their own Package Deals for Client Assistants that can be sold to ASaP Clients.

• Eligible to connect up with popular ASaP Package Deals that have already been created.

• Your own, code secure, ASaP FTP section, enabling you to upload and store unlimited samples of your work, and to work with clients who have large files.

• Your own ASaP e-mail address.

• A nationwide sales team shopping your services to large corporations all over the US. (Sales team currently being established.)




For quick service, contact an ASAP Client Assistant directly, or call:
( 8 6 6 )   7 8 4 - 5 2 7 8

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