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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

About Artistic Solutions and Production

Top row, left to right: Carl Tenbrink, Robert Larson, Christian Peritore, Jim Licaretz,
Doug Hay, Charlie Hodge, Ron Daigh & Joe Beserra.
Bottom row, left to right: Anita Trammel, David Edward Byrd, Linda Langenbacher & Peter Green.

ASaP is a company of product designers and marketing professionals who work together as a team to satisfy the needs of companies that provide products and services to the general public.

Due to today’s rapid technological advances, the life of a product or service is often unpredictable. Consequently, many product development companies no longer have the luxury of being able to employ creative professionals on a full time basis. Yet, to remain viable, businesses still require these high level professionals for concepting, developing and marketing new product lines. Artistic Solutions and Production (ASaP) was created to assist companies such as these with their product development, marketing and promotional needs.

Linda Langenbacher, President of ASaP, earlier recognized the broad possibilities that the Internet offered in utilizing the capabilities of creative professionals on a worldwide basis. In order to assist her clients in getting their projects successfully completed in a short amount of time, she began recruiting and organizing creative professionals from all over the globe into specialized teams that could efficiently work together via the Internet. Hence, the birth of Artistic Solutions and Production. ASaP has since grown to include 12 departments of specialization with over 120 creative services available to our customers.

ASaP works on a project-to-project basis. We are there for a company only when we are needed. Thus, our clients are never concerned about making payroll during their interim periods. With our creatives located throughout the U.S., as well as in England, Italy, Southern Africa, India and China, we are able to create specialized teams to meet your needs and budget.

ASaP is a dream come true for busy executives with big ideas who are looking for teams of experienced, competent professionals to back them up so they can get the job done quickly and successfully, the first time.

A number of high profile, creative professionals within the Product Development and Marketing & Promotion industries shared Linda’s dream and joined the ASaP Management Team. They now coordinate the 12 Departments that comprise ASaP’s Product Development and Marketing & Promotion Divisions.

The Creative Team


Concept: David Edward Byrd – Was a top Creative Director at Warner Brothers for 12 years. He created the style guides for a majority of WB film productions, including Harry Potter. As a poster designer through the 60's, 70's and 80's, David created many of the famous posters for the Fillmore East as well as a laundry list of well-known rock bands. He has created many covers for "TV Guide" and also picked up a Grammy Award for his album cover design for The Who’s "Tommy". David has long been known as the man with the magic mind who can dream up a new concept at a moments notice. David, along with his team of Concept artists, always enjoys coming up with the “next big successful idea”.

Development Design: Emile Kong (More information coming soon)

Model Making: Carl Tenbrink – Carl’s motto is, “if you can imagine it, we can make it”. Carl runs the award winning, high-tech, model shop for ASaP. With various patents to his name for creative solutions to real problems, Carl understands the barriers one can run into when creating the master model for a product. When Mattel’s modeling department can’t solve a problem... they call Carl. From complex medical machinery to intricate toys with high-tech engineering and electronics—Carl’s Model Making Team can handle it all!

Sculpting: Jim Licaretz – Jim is an award winning sculptor and the President of the American Medallic Sculptor Association. He has a long history as a Master Sculptor in fine art as well as in toys and products. Jim has served as a faculty member at the Fleisher Art Memorial in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Otis School of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California; and the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, California. He is an old pro who can sculpt anything, including "on model" characters for WB, Disney, DreamWorks, etc. Jim and his Sculpting Team are also on the cutting edge of digital sculpting production and are very experienced in working hand in hand with manufacturing teams.

Model Painting: Joe Beserra – A graduate of Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California, Joe is an unbelievable designer, who, with the right selection of colors, textures and one-hair brushes, can make any product appear as an incredible work of art. His finely painted models have been used as prototypes for the production of numerous lines of toys at Mattel, Fisher-Price, Disney and WB. Joe and his well-known team of Model Painters can bring any sculpt or model to life with their magical touch. They also have the capacity to take on large projects at a moment’s notice.

Manufacturing: Robert Larson - Worked his way up the corporate ladder at K-Mart for 30 years and became a senior K-Mart buyer. He later became the principal supervisor for much of the K-Mart manufacturing in Asia. Robert currently lives in China and is the Senior Manufacturing Consultant for ASaP. Robert and his Manufacturing Team have invaluable connections to some of the best, most trustworthy manufacturing plants in Asia. He knows how and where to get anything manufactured, and continually maintains an emphasis on quality control and cost savings to boost your bottom line.


Marketing & PR: Doug Hay – Our senior marketing consultant has over 35 years experience in both offline and Internet marketing. He has a impressive record of achievements in marketing and public relations with proven results including: holding senior executive positions with several successful companies; created a sales and marketing campaign for a manufacturing company that became the most successful division of a large multinational conglomerate; developed and managed an international marketing and licensing program that resulted in numerous best sellers. Doug has proven abilities, gained through four decades of experience in marketing in both Business-to-Business and Business-to-Consumer campaigns. He is a marketing and public relations wizard. He and his marketing team are also experienced in the cutting-edge Internet marketing tools including Key Word Research, Search Engine Optimization, Blogs, Optimized Press Releases, ePostcards, RSS feeds and content syndication. Doug and his Marketing & PR Team will provide your company with the integrated campaign essential to increased sales and strong profit gains.

Graphic Media: Peter Green - Early in his career, Peter quickly established himself as a niche-marketing resource to the entertainment industry. Recently, he has produced work for clients as diverse as: Disney Home Video, Disney Stores, Marvel Entertainment, Creative Planet, Warner Brothers, Princess Cruises, Neo Pets, the NBA, and Disney Imagineering. Peter is famous for creating concepts adaptable to multiple promotional applications, including newspaper and magazine ads; outdoor billboards and transit posters; in-store videos; standees; shelf-talkers; signage; and video packaging. He has been responsible for numerous trade show exhibits and permanent museum tour exhibitions as well. Always on the cutting-edge artistically, Peter and his Graphic Media Team will continue to bring world-class design and marketing solutions to new businesses looking to make a splash, as well as upgrading established companies in order to bring their designs into the 21st Century.

Package Design: Bruce Rigney – Package design is only one of Bruce’s many graphic talents. For over 20 years Bruce has been known throughout the graphics industry for his superior products and service. Bruce lives by the basic principle that we are in business to provide our clients with the highest quality designs, executed in the most cost-effective manner possible, with an additional emphasis on speed of service. Notable clients have included Warner Bros., Speedo USA, the Gene Autry Foundation, the Tournament of Roses, several software development companies, and large manufacturers servicing the aerospace industry. Bruce is in charge of the Package Design Team at ASaP and looks forward to enhancing your products with aesthetic and practical packaging.

Web / Interactive: Christian Peritore – Proficient in computers since 1985, Christian established and headed up Earthlink’s Tier II Technical Support Team in the mid 90’s: servicing VIPs and supervising Support for technology — including Dial-Up, ISDN, DSL, Satellite, LAN and Frame Relay. Christian’s design and web development services have consistently proven to be a high return investment for companies seeking to expand their market presence and maximize their income and profitability. Utilizing design styles from genres including film, music, entertainment and corporate, Christian has set the standard for high-end web design versatility and has consistently ranked in the top 5% of Internet designers. Christian, and his team of Web/Interactive designers at ASaP, will be available to allow your dreams to take flight via the Internet.

Film/Video/Radio: Eric Sherman - A Peabody Award winning filmmaker, Eric graduated from Yale University where he co-founded the Yale Film Society and became Yale’s first Scholar of the House in Film. A veteran producer, educator and much sought after Hollywood film consultant, he has written four books on filmmaking and the film industry, several of which are used as textbooks at colleges and universities around the world. Eric also teaches production, directing, and film business at two colleges: Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California and California Institute of the Arts (Cal Arts) in Valencia, California. Eric and his Film/Video/Radio crew are prepared to give your film, video or radio promotion the professional edge needed to bring the most attention possible to your product or service.

Linda Langenbacher
Linda Langenbacher
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