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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Web & Interactive Department
•  Website Analysis & Consultation
•  Web Design & Re-design
•  Website Content Management Systems
•  E-Commerce Systems
•  Intranets
•  Multi-Language "Localization"
•  Flash Websites & Flash Elements
•  Entertainment & Multimedia Websites
•  Live Video Websites
•  Website Maintenance and Updates

Package Deals offered this month in the Web & Interactive Department:
•  #2-Bi-Weekly Product Development Coaching
•  #3-Monthly Product Development Coaching
•  Project Coordination Set Up

Web & Interactive Department

In today’s internet driven world, websites have become the new “storefront” for most businesses. With the touch of a button it is now possible for almost anybody in the world to learn about your product or service. Websites are a reflection of you, your company and the way you do business. Because websites are increasingly becoming vital tools for promotion as well as business management, working with our experienced ASAP Web Design professionals will help you take advantage of the unlimited opportunities for business expansion.

The ASAP Web and Interactive Department offers analysis, consultation and innovative professional web design in any style or genre. These, combined with the most hi-tech, online content management and e-commerce systems available make for a powerful internet marketing presence, and a profitable outlet for your products or services.

Please browse through the list of services to the left of this page. Once you find something that can be of assistance to you, contact an ASAP Client Assistant for help or further information.

In addition to these, we offer...
• Online Presentations / Training
• Affiliate Programs
• Self-Calculating Forms / Estimators
• Customer Profile Solutions
• E-mail Marketing Solutions
• and more

Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I get more sales from my website?
Putting up a website only, will not guarentee sales. A thorough marketing campaign should be built around your website in order to attract viewers. Once a potential customer visits your site, it is ideal that they are greeted with a “user friendly” web design that allows them to easily find the information regarding the products or services they are looking for. After that, it is imperitive that the customer is able to purchase your products or services with ease from your site. Websites should be easy for your customer to use and understand. Your sales will depend upon it.

Do you have marketing recommendations and/or consultants I can use to help direct the development of my website?
Yes, both the Web and Marketing Departments can offer consultation.

How do I get traffic to my website?
We recommend good standard promotion such as mailers, stationery, and other advertising, as well as e-mail campaigns. There are also other, more specialized internet marketing strategies and web optimization that can be formulated based on available budget.

How can visitors to my website more easily and quickly find the information they seek?
Both marketing and good design basics play a part in the ease of use of a website. We also recommend a Content Management System to facilitate powerful search capabilities to your website.

What is a Content Manager and how easy is it to learn and use?
Essentially, a Content Manager is a database of the content of your website, including: text, image, downloadable files, etc., and an easy-to-use interface that allows one to add, delete or modify that content.

How can I make changes to my website myself, without having to pay a designer, and can I add pages later?
We recommend a Content Management System to facilitate your ability to modify your own website. This feature also adds powerful search capabilities to your website.

Can I add products to my online store once the website is complete?
Yes, most database-driven e-commerce systems have a control panel to add, delete, or modify products.

Are your e-commerce systems easy to use?
Yes, generally it is quite easy to add, remove or modify products with a simple control panel. Even large amounts of products can be imported, give or take some database setup and/or massaging of the data.

Once complete, will I rely exclusively on the designer who built the site to make changes?
No, especially if the website is simple in technical structure. But even if it contains complex programming, if designed and constructed properly, a designer familiar with the programming language used should be able to make even complex changes. Custom host facilities or the configuration used to develop the project may need to be considered.

Can I post info to my website, and yet password protect certain info from all but who I want to expose it to?
Yes, there are several methods available, both simple and complex, to facilitate limiting access to parts of a website to only those with a password.

I don’t see exactly what I want within the portfolio samples of your work. How do I know I will get what I want for my project?
Artistic work is custom work. It is not practical that every possible style or nuance be displayed in the ASAP portfolio. The versatility of the many Artists available within ASAP ensures that there is the necessary talent for your needs. Further, your project approval is subject to your review of initial demonstration designs before the creation of the final website.

Can you re-design my website using my existing logo?
Yes, provided the logo artwork is available and usable. Otherwise, the logo may need to be recreated for an additional charge.

Does email come with a new website?
Yes, hosting packages can include email facilities.

With my website, can I get my email from a remote location just with a browser, or must I carry a laptop to access email?
There are hosts that will provide a secure webpage-based system to access your email, similar to Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and others.

What are the on-going charges connected with a new website?
Above and beyond charges for design and development, you can expect to pay for both yearly domain registration fees, approximately $10 to $35 per year, and monthly hosting charges that range from $10 to $25 per month; or much more depending on the nature of your website, its bandwidth usage, and its size and programming structure.

How do know what to write on my website?
Both the Web and Marketing Departments can offer consultation on content for your website, but ultimately content should be based on the visitor’s desires and should be compelling for customers to purchase your company’s products or services.

My domain was registered to my previous web designer, now less than cooperative. How do I regain control over it?
It is both unethical and actually illegal for a designer to register a domain other than in the client’s name, and thus in the client’s control. Such a case does have legal recourse but admittedly can involve some red tape and time.

How soon can I see designs? What do you need to show me initial designs?
As with any well thought out, artistic design project, a logical evolution must followed, Once a thorough review of project requirements is done, and the research and planning has been completed, the design process can commence. It helps greatly when a Client fills out our Project Specific Questionnaires and provides any and all materials that we may need.

Cost justification — Is the cost of a well designed, well functioning website worth the investment?
Clients sometimes express apprehension towards costs on a larger web project. As the saying goes, “it's not the money you lose, but the money you don't make that is always the greater loss”. A poor company image on the web, an unacceptable looking or poor functioning website, or no website at all, LOSES you more money than simply not advertising at all. Your customers will often visit your website long before they call to purchase products or services. That's a fact in today's Internet-savvy buying climate. A professional image on the web IS your first impression.

Project-Specific Questionnaires:
•  Project-Specific Questionnaire Web Consultation
•  Project-Specific Questionnaire Web Design / Re-Design

For quick service, contact an ASAP Client Assistant directly, or call:
( 8 6 6 )   7 8 4 - 5 2 7 8

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