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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Graphic Media Department
•  Creative Brainstorms & Idea Sessions
•  Creative Direction
•  Graphic Design & Layouts
•  Logo Design
•  Illustration
•  Photography
•  Trade Show Graphics & Design
•  Animation - All Forms
•  Power Point Presentations
•  Illustrated Manuals & Picture Books
•  Book Design & Graphics
•  Poster Art
•  Product Catalog Design
•  Multimedia Digital Displays

Package Deals offered this month in the Graphic Media Department:
•  #2-Bi-Weekly Product Development Coaching
•  #3-Monthly Product Development Coaching
•  Project Coordination Set Up

Graphic Media Department

Have you ever wished that you could afford to hire an art department of the caliber found at Warner Bros., Disney, DreamWorks or Mattel? Your wish has come true. The opportunity to have access to some of the most talented people in the industry can be found right here in our ASAP Graphic Media Department. Here you will find the Creative Directors who designed the style guides for the Harry Potter films; were involved in the creation of such properties as Looney Tunes, Cartoon Network, Space Jam and Batman Forever. ASAP’s creative professionals have won major awards for package design, animated commercials, film & rock concert posters, postal stamp designs, and so on. Please look over our list of services on the left side of this page and browse through the portfolios at the bottom of each service. If you don’t find what you need, try typing it into the search box at the top of the page or contact us.

For more information contact the Client Assistant in charge of this service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

You have such a huge website with so much talent, how can I find what I need without having to go through the whole site?
The best method would be to contact an ASAP Client Assistant. A Client Assistant knows the site and can give you the assistance that you will need. You can also find the “Search Box” at the top of this page and type in the kind of graphics that you are looking for. Be sure to type in the key words that will bring up the style or application that you are searching for.

I am an art director in a large corporation. I routinely have big projects that must be done in a very short amount of time. Can you put together a team in order to help my company get its creative backlogs caught up or meet very tight deadlines?
Yes, absolutely. We can set you up with an individual Creative or a whole group of them. Organizing large creative projects is one of our specialties.

I have a certain budget to work with, but I still need high quality graphics. Is there anyway I can find out how much some of these services cost before I commit myself?
For more information about costs contact one of our Client Assistants. The Assistant will help you to find the graphics you need within your budget requirements.

The artists that I see on this site are amazing but I’m afraid they may not be affordable. Wouldn’t I be better off trying to do some of this work myself?
Possibly so, if you are a professional graphic artist. Yet, if you are not, your lack of experience will most likely be quite noticeable to your potential customers. A key reason that Disney, Warner Bros. and other successful companies are well known is because they knew that investing in their graphics would give them great returns. Successful businesses consider their graphic costs to be an investment instead of an expense.

I am interested in being an ASAP Artist. How do I get involved?
Check out www.CreativeProductionAssistance.com. This site will give you the information needed to become a member of the ASAP Creative Team.

Project-Specific Questionnaires:
•  Project-Specific Questionnaire - Graphic Media

For quick service, contact an ASAP Client Assistant directly, or call:
( 8 6 6 )   7 8 4 - 5 2 7 8

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