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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Film / Video / Radio Department
•  Production Consultation - All Phases / All Media
•  Film / Video & Radio Concept Brainstorms
•  Treatment & Script Writing & Evaluations
•  Story Boards / Production Scheduling Boards
•  Infomercials
•  TV Commercials
•  Marketing & Promotional Films
•  Documentaries
•  Radio Productions & Commercials
•  Voiceovers
•  Motion Title Design
•  Special Effects
•  Sound Effects
•  Film Scoring
•  Music Composition

Package Deals offered this month in the Film / Video / Radio Department:
•  #2-Bi-Weekly Product Development Coaching
•  #3-Monthly Product Development Coaching
•  Project Coordination Set Up

Film / Video / Radio Department

Would you like to see your product or service come alive through film, video or radio? Are you ready to produce the ultimate commercial for prime-time TV or create a radio spot that will make your cash register ring? The ASaP Film/Video/Radio Department—headed up by an award winning filmmaker with over 35 years of experience in all media, and backed up by many highly experienced film teams—offers you an endless array of media possibilities. Our filmmakers are experienced professionals who have won many prestigious awards such as: The Peabody, The Emmy, The Grammy, The Telly, The Cindy and The National Vision Award. We can list all of the major TV networks and Hollywood film companies as our clients. We also thrill at the challenge of taking an unknown product or service and creating a film, video or radio production with a message that launches an arrow directly into the hearts and minds of your target audience. We have proven formulas that give our customers a winner every time!

For more information contact the Client Assistant in charge of this service.

Frequently Asked Questions:

I’m confused by the explosion of media possibilities: film, videotape, digital, high-resolution, etc. Can I possibly understand them well enough to choose amongst them?
Yes, of course. The key is to first understand your own needs: Who is your target audience? To what medium will they most likely respond? Where will they be able to see or hear your promotion? Once your target audience is identified, ASaP’s team can then recommend to you the best medium.

Isn’t film the most expensive way to go?
Not necessarily. Cost isn’t determined just by the medium and equipment, but rather by the number of filming days and the nature of the effects you wish to create on your audience. “Expensive” ought to be measured, not just by the gross dollar amount, but by the cost to reach your viewer and instill in them the desired effect.

What should be the key factors in determining what I budget for this product?
There are a few important factors: 1) What level of production value does my competition use? 2) How do I wish to position myself relative to my competition? 3) What does my current audience base expect from a film or video? 4) Is there already a line item in my operating budget for this project, or does it have to be created? 5) What would constitute over-spending and under-spending, and what are the risks and rewards on each path? 6) What will be the shelf-life of this project?

How can I compare film/video production companies? All of their demo reels seem excellent?
Of course they do. Would you send out an inferior sample product when you’re trying to get a new customer? By survey, ultimately it’s confidence in the management team that determines what product a prospect will purchase. So, the best way to compare is to call references and determine such factors as reliability, results, speed of delivery, cost overruns, etc.

I already have a crackerjack sales force. How can I justify the expense of a film or video?
Even the best sales team has its ups and downs. The film or video locks in the message that has hopefully been agreed upon by senior management.

What is the correct running time for my film or video?
It depends on the nature and use of the product. A 60-second commercial spot can be too long, and a two-hour training film can be too short? There are some optimum tried and true formulae. The ASaP Film/Video/Radio team will be happy to share this with you during the bidding process.

Is there any guarantee that my film or video will work?
This depends on what you want it to do. Eric Sherman, Senior Consultant of the Film/Video/Radio Department, has worked with more than 250 corporations and has never had a dissatisfied client. 95% have re-signed for follow-up products. When you sign up for a film or video under Eric’s supervision you’ll know you’re getting the best possible product possible within your budget range.

Will I have input during the project?
Yes, definitely. There are three approval points after the initial research is complete. First, we don’t start filming until the script is approved. Second, you always view a “rough assembly” and have ample opportunity to provide the production team with notes. And third, it is up to you whether the final cut is acceptable.

May I be involved in the filming activities?
There is no more exciting activity than making a film or video. You may, within usual and customary safety standards, be “on the set” if you wish!

Project-Specific Questionnaires:
•  Project-Specific Questionnaire - Concept Development
•  Project-Specific Questionnaire - Film / Video / Radio
•  Advanced Film Questionnaire

For quick service, contact an ASAP Client Assistant directly, or call:
( 8 6 6 )   7 8 4 - 5 2 7 8

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