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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

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ASaP Team Members able to deliver Multimedia Digital Displays:
•  ASaP Project Coordinator
•  Barbara Cocks
•  Wendy Wessel
•  Peter Green

Multimedia Digital Displays

Have you ever wished you could hire the perfect sales person at very little cost to you? One that would work continuously—throughout your business hours—and sell, sell, sell for you? Well now you can with our multimedia, digital displays.

A group of ASaP members in Taiwan came up with a new invention that allows a customer to touch buttons on a digital screen to learn about whatever product or service that you have in your store. Once your customer touchs the button, the display will automatically show them an infomercial, a power-point presentation, or a graphic ad containing an audio that delivers the perfect sales pitch to close an interested prospect. Customers can pick and choose whatever product or service they would like to learn more about without ever having to talk to anybody!

Better yet, ASaP will put a professional presentation together for you so that it does a fantastic job of selling to your customers. With our teams of graphics and film personnel, we will create a digital sales display that will work for you indefinitely. Is your business comprised of many stores? Not a problem… ASaP will create hundreds of multimedia, digital displays for you. Want to change your product line often? Also not a problem… we will set up a design team that can constantly create new ads, infomercials or audio tracks to keep up with your changing product lines or services.

LCD displays come in wide screen in both vertical or horizontal positions. Sizes ranging from 17" to 52", from corner to corner. Product shelving that complements your multimedia digital display can also be made to order.

For more information or assistance contact your ASaP Client Assistant.

Package Deals for Multimedia Digital Displays:
No package deals currently available for Multimedia Digital Displays.

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Portfolio samples of Multimedia Digital Displays:
Licensed Character Art: Disney 1 / Len Smith    
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