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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Sales Opportunities

Our Mission

• To provide reliable, educated, organized, ethical teams of competent, talented product development professionals to companies who need production assistance.

• To create an ever-expanding “Product Development University” that breaks down the often complex product development process into simple steps that can be easily learned by clients and members.

• To give our ASaP team members the opportunity to license their best new product ideas to our “Preferred Clients”, who need them and can produce them at a profit for everyone involved in the process.

We sell product development support in 4 phases:
Concept to first funding
Prototype & testing to second funding
Marketing & business plans until there are enough orders for the third funding
Manufacturing to distribution & sales support

We support these phases with:
Production - freelance, temp or employment
Education - courses on all 4 phases
New product ideas – with licensing opportunities

We have experience creating a vast array of products from walking talking toys, to medical machinery, to full sized car prototypes for the automotive industry. If our clients can dream it up, we can produce it. We can pull a team together for our clients to work on very large projects, as well as projects with tight deadlines.

Our most viable clients have been large, successful product development corporations such as Mattel, Disney Consumer Products, Bradford Exchange, etc. Our intention is to service more clients of this stature. Our second best clients have been individual, well-funded inventors who need assistance getting through the 4 phase product development process.

Our sales process is simple:
(1) We interview our clients to find out where the weaknesses are in their production process.
(2) We inform clients as to how our team can assist them with production, education and new product ideas and show them samples of our work.
(3) We work with clients to determine their budgets and we create package deals that they can order repeatedly.
(4) We develop long term relationships and continually up-sell more production, education or new idea services to enhance our clients production process.

• Commissions of 50% of gross profit on anything sold
• Uncapped commissions
• Annuity opportunities for additional passive income
• Access to unlimited sales opportunities (product development spans across many industries)
• Selling high-end services always in demand
• Working with top-notch creative talent that can truly assist every client that you sell to
• Creating long-term relationships with decision-makers who control large budgets
• Company training, mentoring and sales promotional support

We are piloting our first sales team in Los Angeles.
Once this team is performing, we will expand out to other major US cities.
For more information about our company go to http://www.ASAPartists.com

If you are interested in working with us, call Linda at 951-659-5017




For quick service, contact an ASAP Client Assistant directly, or call:
( 8 6 6 )   7 8 4 - 5 2 7 8

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