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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

A to Z Product Development in 4 Phases

After many years of taking products from concept to manufacturing to the marketplace, we have worked out a simple 4 phase process with specific steps. With experience, we have discovered that if these steps are followed it is more likely that successful, viable products will result.

This phase begins with the end result of having completed solid concept sketches, initial market tests, a beginning business plan with enough information about the project to: (1) Show to interested investors or (2) Make a decision, based on the information given, to continue on with the process and fund Phase 2. The steps in this process are as follows:

P1.1 - Market Research
P1.2 - Concept Sketchs
P1.3 - Preliminary Patent Protection
P1.4 - 1st Market Presentation
P1.5 - Market Test
P1.6 - Preliminary Cost Estimates
P1.7 - 1st Business Plan
P1.8 - Final Presentation
Resulting in funding for Phase 2


This phase focuses on creating a workable prototype, exploring the first branding ideas, packaging concepts, getting more accurate factory costing based on the current materials in the 1st prototype and getting responses from the target market. From here the business plan can be updated and a final presentation can be made to investors or to yourself, that will allow the decision to be made to fund phase 3. The steps in this process are as follows:

P2.1 - Control Drawings or CAD Art
P2.2 - 1st Prototype
P2.3 - 1st Branding Ideas
P2.4 - 1st Package Design Concepts
P2.5 - Factory Costing
P2.6 - 2nd Level of Idea Protection
P2.7 - 2nd Market Presentation
P2.8 - Feasibility Test
P2.9 - 2nd Business Plan
P2.10 - Final Phase 2 Presentation
Resulting in funding for Phase 3


During this phase, we begin outlining a marketing program that will need to be launched well before the products have completed the manufacturing process. The branding, branding protection, final package design, 1st factory production sample, all come together to culminate in showing a product at a trade show and taking enough advanced orders for the product to make it worth funding Phase 4. The steps in this process are as follows:

P3.1 - Brand Market Test
P3.2 - Brand Final Graphics
P3.3 - Brand Copyright, Trademarks
P3.4 - Marketing Plan
P3.5 - Master Model
P3.6 - Master Package
P3.7 - 1st Production Sample
P3.8 - Production Sample Approval
P3.9 - Sales Support
P3.10 - Tradeshow Support
P3.11 - 3rd Business Plan
Resulting in enough pre-production orders to justify investors to fund Phase 4.


This is the most expensive phase. If all other phases were completed in the earlier phases, this one should result in selling enough products to be able to fund the next run of this product. This phase focuses on the final manufacturing, quality control, shipping, distribution, marketing support for the product launch and setting up a system so that the product can be manufactured over and over again easily. The steps in this process are as follows:

P4.1 - Master Molds
P4.2 - Manufacturing
P4.3 - Package Assemble
P4.4 - Quality Control
P4.5 - Shipping
P4.6 - Distribution
P4.7 - Marketing Support
P4.8 - System Creation and Support
P4.9 - Updated Business Plan
Resulting in enough sales to be able to fund a second season of production for this product.




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