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Portfolio Quick-list:
•  50 Celebrities
•  All Shook Up
•  Apple Tree
•  Auburn Speedster
•  Ballroom
•  Baseball Bugs Bunny
•  Batman Forever
•  Bewitched
•  Bewitched 2
•  Bewitched 3
•  Birds Anonymous
•  Brooklyn
•  Buckbeak
•  Bugs 70s Poster
•  Bugs Bali
•  Burrow
•  Burrow color
•  Chamber of Secrets 1
•  Chrysler
•  Come Out
•  Day of the Locust
•  Destiny Dice
•  Diagon Alley
•  Don Pasquale
•  El Duckado
•  Empire
•  Fairytopia Lilacs
•  Fairytopia Pansies
•  Fairytopia Pond
•  Fairytopia Roses
•  Fairytopia Small Pond
•  Fairytopia Waterfall
•  Follies
•  Follies 1970
•  Follies 1970 version2
•  Follies 1991
•  Godspell
•  Grand Tour
•  Grateful Dead
•  Great Hall Xmas
•  Jesus Christ Superstar
•  Jimi Hendrix
•  John Deere - Disney
•  Little Shop of Horrors
•  Looney Toons Classics
•  Looney Tunes North Pole Village
•  Looney Tunes North Pole Village 2
•  Lord Peter 1
•  Lord Peter 2
•  Lord Peter 3
•  Lord Peter 4
•  Mary Hartman
•  Memoir
•  Mercer
•  NY Art Deco
•  Pinky and the Brain
•  Poison Ivy
•  Porky Gothic
•  Porno Queen
•  Purlie
•  Robber Bridegroom
•  Romeo and Juliet
•  Silver Stag
•  Tap Poster
•  Taz Egypt
•  The Munsters Insert
•  The Munsters Insert 2
•  The Munsters Train
•  The Munsters Train 2
•  The Munsters Train 3
•  TV Guide 1
•  TV Guide 2
•  TV Guide 3
•  TV Guide 4
•  Webber
•  Webber 2
•  Westmores
•  Whomping Willow
•  Woodstock
•  Writing On Wall
•  Writing On Wall color

ASaP Team Member:
David Edward Byrd

David Edward Byrd was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee and was raised in Miami Beach, Florida. He attended Carnegie-Mellon University where he received an MFA in Painting & Printmaking.

In 1968 he became the poster artist for the Fillmore East, where he created many posters for musical artists such as: Jimi Hendrix, the Jefferson Airplane, The Grateful Dead, the Who, etc. as well as posters for the Woodstock Festival & the Rolling Stones ’69 Tour.

At that time he also began a career on Broadway where he created posters for Follies, Godspell, Jesus Christ Superstar, Little Shop of Horrors and many more. He started the Yellow Studio, doing editorial illustration, book covers, record jackets, film and theatre posters.

David also taught at Pratt Institute and The School of Visual Arts.

In 1973, he, along with several other prominent illustrators, received a Grammy Award for the album design of The Who’s TOMMY.

In 1981 David came to Los Angeles to work on the Van Halen World Tour. After that he did more poster creations for The Mark Taper Forum, The Ahmansson Theater, The Doolittle Theatre, LA Classic Theatre Works, The LA Stage Company, The Pasadena Playhouse, The Long Beach Civic Light Opera, Theatre 40, and many equity waiver venues.

Over the years, David has been a regular contributor of covers for TV Guide Magazine: creating portraits of Cagney and Lacey, Mary Tyler Moore, Murder She Wrote, Family Ties, Robert Conrad, Prince Charles & Princess Diana, and many others.

In 1991, David took the position of Senior Illustrator at Warner Bros. Creative Services, where he remained for 12 years. Besides creating illustrations, backgrounds and styleguides for all the Looney Tunes & Hannah-Barbera characters, David created commemorative plates for The Franklin Mint; souvenir posters for the Batman film series; styleguides for feature films such as Space Jam, Scooby Doo and Harry Potter; and for television shows such as Friends, The Cartoon Network and Scooby Doo.

Some of David’s most recent works include the design and illustration of the 50th anniversary poster for the prominent PR firm of Solster’s and Digney; posters for 3 recent Broadway shows and 2 major posters for Disney Hong Kong.

David Byrd is one of our Senior Consultants and also heads up our Concept Department here at Artistic Solutions and Production (ASaP).


Portfolio samples of David Edward Byrd:
50 Celebrities / David Edward Byrd   All Shook Up / David Edward Byrd   Apple Tree / David Edward Byrd   Auburn Speedster / David Edward Byrd   Ballroom / David Edward Byrd   Baseball Bugs Bunny / David Edward Byrd  
Batman Forever / David Edward Byrd   Bewitched / David Edward Byrd   Bewitched 2 / David Edward Byrd   Bewitched 3 / David Edward Byrd   Birds Anonymous / David Edward Byrd   Brooklyn / David Edward Byrd  
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