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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Services in this Dept.
•  Traditional Sculpting
•  Toy & Doll Sculpting
•  Licensed Character Sculpting
•  Articulated Bodies & Heads
•  3D Digital Scanning
•  Rapid Prototyping
•  Digital Sculpting with Digital "Print Outs"
•  Molds & Casts
•  Hair Rooting
•  Reverse Engineering
•  Plastic Part Design
•  Digital Mold Design
•  Wood & Foam Carving

ASaP Team Members able to deliver 3D Digital Scanning:
•  ASaP Project Coordinator
•  Carl Tenbrink
•  Jim Licaretz

3D Digital Scanning

By utilizing a laser beam, a 3-D scanner will collect thousands of points of information that can be formed to create a virtual reproduction of a person or object. These points are re-assembled using software specifically designed to manipulate this information. A scanned object can be rescaled and infinitely modified. By using specialized programs such as FreeForm, the information received from the scan can be used to create an entirely new version of an original object. It can also be refined and modified for a specific application. The use of scanning technology allows Sculptors to quickly move a traditionally sculpted piece into the digital realm as well. This allows the Artist to enhance a rough sculpture by mirroring parts to create a finished piece in less time than traditional sculpture. Because our ASaP Sculptors are experienced in the traditional methods of sculpting, as well as the new digital methods, they are better equipped to take full advantage of the latest high tech programs. They will also save you money and time by knowing when it is optimum to use 3-D scanning methods or when using traditional sculpting would be a better, more viable solution.

For more information or assistance contact your ASAP Client Assistant.

Package Deals for 3D Digital Scanning:
No package deals currently available for 3D Digital Scanning.

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Portfolio samples of 3D Digital Scanning:
Digital Sculpting: Lion Head / Jim Licaretz    
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