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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Services Offered:
•  Product Brainstorms
•  Concept Sketches
•  Presentation Art
•  Licensed Character Art
•  Character Design
•  Product Styling
•  3D Product Concept Renderings
•  Product Design
•  Style Guides
•  Turn-a-Round Art (Model / Character)
•  Product Instructions and Illustrations
•  Product Labels
•  Manufacturing Consultation
•  Product Development Services in Asia
•  Marketing Consultation
•  Product Naming Solutions
•  Product Positioning
•  Identity Programs
•  Branding Campaigns
•  Creative Brainstorms & Idea Sessions
•  Creative Direction
•  Graphic Design & Layouts
•  Logo Design
•  Illustration
•  Photography
•  Trade Show Graphics & Design
•  Animation
•  Power Point Presentations
•  Illustrated Manuals & Picture Books
•  Book Design & Graphics
•  Poster Art
•  Product Catalog Design
•  Multimedia Digital Displays
•  Packaging Concept Brainstorms
•  Package Manufacturing Costing
•  Package Design
•  Packaging Copy, Legally Approved
•  Presentation Mock-ups
•  Package Engineering Templates
•  Pre-press Packaging Digital Art
•  Packaging Display Concepts
•  Blister Packs
•  POP/POS/ Endcap Design
•  Print Consultation
•  Print Specifications
•  Print Job Planning
•  Printing of Promotional Materials
•  Point of Sale Materials
•  Large Format Digital Printing
•  Press Checks & Quality Assurance
•  Bindery & Finishing
•  Pack-out / Fulfillment & Distribution
•  Lettershop & Mailing Services
•  Website Analysis & Consultation
•  Web Design & Re-design
•  Production Consultation
•  Film / Video & Radio Concept Brainstorms
•  Story Boards / Production Scheduling Boards
•  Motion Title Design

Portfolio Quick-list:
•  Ad Campaign: Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas Bus Board
•  Ad Campaign: Blast-Off Breakfast Club
•  Ad Campaign: Color West
•  Ad Campaign: Freedom To Laugh (Aladdin Promotion)
•  Ad Campaign: Goofy
•  Ad Campaign: Healthy Heritage
•  Ad Campaign: Neopets 1
•  Ad Campaign: Neopets 2
•  Ad Campaign: Neopets 3
•  Ad Campaign: Neopets 4
•  Ad Campaign: Quake Ready Press Kit
•  Ad Campaign: The Earthlink Mall
•  Ad Campaign: Tweety 1
•  Ad Campaign: USM & P
•  Ad Campaign: West Coast Contractors
•  Ad Campaign: Windows Shopping
•  Annual Report: Trimark Holdings Inc.
•  Creative Direction & Design: 911 For Kids
•  Creative Direction & Design: Angels in the Outfield
•  Creative Direction & Design: Antz
•  Creative Direction & Design: ASI Magazine
•  Creative Direction & Design: Braceface
•  Creative Direction & Design: Film & Television Directory
•  Creative Direction & Design: Kids Get Cookin’!
•  Display Concepts: Shaqtacular Standee
•  Logo Design 3D: Penn Litho
•  Logo Design: Athletes & Entertainers for Kids
•  Logo Design: Beauty and the Beast- The Enchanted Christmas 2
•  Logo Design: Cornice Entertainment
•  Logo Design: Earthlink 2000
•  Logo Design: Full Circle Friends
•  Logo Design: Heppner Hardwoods 1
•  Logo Design: Penn Litho
•  Logo Design: Politicards 2
•  Logo Design: Santa Ventura Studios
•  Logo Design: Shaqtacular 6
•  Logo Design: Speedy Click .com
•  Logo Design: Voit
•  Magazine Design: Cover Illustration
•  Magazine Design: Fox Kids 1
•  Magazine Design: Fox Kids 2
•  Magazine Design: Fox Kids Cover Illustration
•  Magazine Design: Fox Kids Magazines 5
•  Magazine Design: Images by Sony Pictures
•  Package Design - Movies: The Enchanted Christmas 1
•  Package Design, Movies: Buzz Lightyear
•  Package Design, Movies: Honey We Shrunk Ourselves
•  Package Design, Movies: James and the Giant Peach
•  Package Design, Movies: Taz’s Jungle Jams
•  Package Design, Movies: The Adventures of Huck Finn
•  Package Design, Movies: The Jungle Book
•  Package Design, Movies: The Little Mermaid II- Return to the Sea
•  Package Design, Movies: The Real Story of Humpty Dumpty
•  Package Design, Music: Make Music Mine
•  Package Design: 5-A-Day Powerplay
•  Package Design: Earthlink 2000 Champaign
•  Package Design: Fix-it-Utilities 2000
•  Package Design: Gardens of the World
•  Package Design: Grace
•  Package Design: Living Food
•  Package Design: Miss Patty Cake
•  Package Design: Movie Magic
•  Package Design: N’Sync Photo Fan Pack
•  Package Design: Politicards 1
•  Package Design: Screenwriter 2000
•  Package Design: Shaqtacular 2 Product give-away
•  Package Design: Shaqtacular 5
•  Package Design: Story View 1 (Close-up)
•  Package Design: Story View 2
•  Package Design: The Shirley Temple Story
•  Package Design: Tweety 2
•  Package Design: Voit Basketball
•  Package Design: Voit Football
•  Package Design: Writer’s Dream Kit
•  Package Design: Writing Partner
•  Packaging Design: Krofft Superstars
•  Poster Art, Movie: Principal Takes a Holiday
•  Poster Art, Movies: Blood Sport II
•  Poster Art, Movies: Bullets Over Broadway
•  Poster Art, Movies: Cabin Boy
•  Poster Art, Movies: Fievel Goes West
•  Poster Art, Movies: In Search of Angels
•  Poster Art, Movies: Leonardo DeMickey Mouse
•  Poster Art, Movies: Out There
•  Poster Art, Movies: Renaissance Man
•  Poster Art: California Mentor Foundation
•  Poster Art: Fox Kids 6
•  Poster Art: Grand Memories
•  Poster Art: Jimi Hendrix
•  Poster Art: Master and Commander- The Far Side of the Web
•  Poster Art: Power Rangers
•  Poster Art: Shaqtacular 3 Pop- Up Invitation
•  Poster Art: We’re Back - A Dinosaur Story
•  Product Design: Hook
•  Product Design: Shaq Basketball
•  Web Design: Heppner Hardwoods 2
•  Peter's Pricing

ASaP Team Member:
Peter Green

If you are looking for an extremely experienced illustrator & character designer to come up with a successful look for your new brand, Peter would be an excellent choice. Peter created the character design style guide for Neopets for a customer that enventually sold for one hundred million dollars. He also recently created the characters for the popular ABC Mouse , educational website. He has also been helping Disney create character style guides since the mid 80s.

Since 1978, Peter Green has been servicing the ever-expanding Southern California entertainment industry. Early in his career he quickly established himself as a niche-marketing resource to the entertainment industry. Recently, Peter has produced work for clients as diverse as: Disney Home Video, Disney Stores, Marvel Entertainment, Creative Planet, Warner Brothers, Princess Cruises, and Disney Imagineering.

One of Peter's many successful assignments was Disney's straight-to-video launch of "Aladdin and the King of Thieves", which demanded concepts adaptable to multiple promotional applications, including newspaper and magazine ads, outdoor billboards and transit posters, in-store videos, standees, shelf-talkers, signage and video packaging. The video release broke all records, generating over $80 million in sales within ten days of the launch.

Peter has created numerous trade show exhibits and permanent museum tour exhibitions as well. He also produced a one-hour TV special for Shaquille O’Neal called "Shaqtacular.".

Equally at home with corporate clients, Peter offers the same kind of attentiveness, responsiveness, initiative and integrity that has created high-impact, compelling campaigns for clients such as Earthlink, Penn Litho, Mijenix, Padma Basics, Screen Play Systems, the El Portal Theater, Voit Athletic Equipment, Sunbelt Software, Iolo Software, Creative Planet, Vons, Coca Cola and numerous clients of Christie Communications, a Santa Barbara-based full-service public relations company.

Peter launched Earthlink’s successful online "Shop Naked" mall program using outdoor bus shelters and billboards, bus boards, and print throughout the Southern California area. The "Shop Naked" on-line Earthlink mall campaign was roughly a $250,000 campaign conducted over a period of three months, delivered on budget. Peter was totally responsible for the creative concepts of the campaign and execution of the concepts, as well as the media buy.

Peter has recently developed a comprehensive earthquake readiness program for the State of California which includes such elements as three TV public-service announcements, two animated videos, website design, a brochure, a toll-free hotline and a classroom kit for teachers to help their students be quake-ready. The program won the prestigious Arora Gold Award in the public service category.

Peter is a creatively-driven, results-oriented marketing and design professional with a long track record in conceiving, designing and producing strategically on-target, high-impact promotional communications and innovative, market-responsive new products, programs and services.

Peter heads up our Graphic Media Department here at Artistic Solutions and Production (ASaP).

Always on the cutting-edge artistically, Peter continues his effort to bring world-class design and marketing solutions to new businesses looking to make a splash, and upgrading established companies to bring their designs into the 21st Century.

Peter’s Pricing


Portfolio samples of Peter Green:
Ad Campaign: Beauty and the Beast - The Enchanted Christmas Bus Board / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Blast-Off Breakfast Club / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Color West / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Freedom To Laugh (Aladdin Promotion) / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Goofy / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Healthy Heritage / Peter Green  
Ad Campaign: Neopets 1 / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Neopets 2 / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Neopets 3 / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Neopets 4 / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Quake Ready Press Kit / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: The Earthlink Mall / Peter Green  
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