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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Services Offered:
•  Traditional Sculpting
•  Toy & Doll Sculpting
•  Licensed Character Sculpting
•  Articulated Bodies & Heads
•  3D Digital Scanning
•  Rapid Prototyping
•  Digital Sculpting
•  Molds & Casts
•  Reverse Engineering
•  Plastic Part Design
•  Digital Mold Design
•  Wood & Foam Carving
•  Toy & Doll Sculpting

Portfolio Quick-list:
•  Action Doll Sculpting: Robin - Wax
•  Action Doll Sculpture: Batman
•  Action Doll Sculpture: Get-Real-Girl Doll
•  Action Doll Sculpture: Robin
•  Articulated Sculpture: Get-Real-Girl Wax
•  Articulated Sculpture: Ultimate- Soldier
•  Digital Sculpting: Lion Head
•  Doll Sculpting: Jessica Rabbit - Whole Body
•  Doll Sculpting: Madeline
•  Doll Sculpting: My-Size Barbie
•  Doll Sculpting: Princess Wishing-Star
•  Doll Sculpture: Baby-walk-n-roll
•  Doll Sculpture: Celestial Princess
•  Doll Sculpture: Gretel
•  Doll Sculpture: Sleeping Beauty
•  Find Art Metal Sculpture: Homage To Antiquity
•  Shelli -polychrome
•  Fine Art Metal Sculpture: Children’s Hospital Commission
•  Fine Art Metal Sculpture: Shelli - Fragment
•  Fine Art Nude Sculpture: Holly
•  Jim's Pricing
•  Learn-to-Care Minnie
•  Licenced Character Sculpture: Alladin characters-1
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Geni - Wax Head
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Jessica Rabbit - Head
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Jetsons
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Lisa Simpson doll
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Megara music-box-figure-54mm
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Michael Schumacher
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Mr. Speedy
•  Licensed Character Sculpting: Smurfs
•  Licensed Character Sculpture: Ballerina Barbie
•  Licensed Character Sculpture: Beauty-and-the-Beast Tea-set
•  Licensed Character Sculpture: Bouncing Tigger
•  Licensed Character Sculpture: Castle carrying-case
•  Licensed Character Sculpture: Flintstone - Jetson
•  Licensed Character Sculpture: Holiday Barbie
•  Portrait Sculpture: Al Hirschfeld - Metal
•  Portrait Sculpture: Beethoven -medal
•  Portrait Sculpture: Claritian -Order-Founder
•  Portrait Sculpture: Giacomo Puccini - Medal
•  Portrait Sculpture: Niki Curry
•  Portrait Sculpture: Robert E. Lee
•  Portrait Sculpture: Rossini - Medal

ASaP Team Member:
Jim Licaretz

Jim is a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts in Philadelphia. He received the J. Henry Schiedt Memorial Traveling Scholarship as well as the Edmund Stewardson Prize for Figurative Sculpture and a Philadelphia Board of Education four-year scholarship.

He has been the recipient of many prestigious sculpting awards, such as: Introspect '76 sculpture award, Franklin Mint Medal of Honor for Sculpture, 58th Grand National Exhibition, American Artists Professional League, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY.; Gold Medal of Honor for Sculpture, 36th Annual Open Exhibition, Knickerbocker Artists, Salmagundi Club, New York, NY. 1986 Best in Show; "Sculpture 1987," juried by New York Times critic Vivien Raynor, The Johnson Atelier National Competition, Mercerville, NJ. 1987. 2008 Numismatic Art Award for Excellence in Medallic Sculpture(NAAEMS). The award, conferred by the American Numismatic Association (ANA), was presented on August 2, 2008, at the ANA World's Fair of Money, in Baltimore.

Jim is president of the American Medallic Sculpture Association, and a member of The National Sculpture Society and The Federation International de le Medaille.

He served as a faculty member at Fleisher Art Memorial, Philadelphia, PA; Otis School of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA; Academy of Art College, San Francisco, CA.

Jim has works represented in numerous private collections as well as those of sculptors Peter Agostini and Richard Lippold. He has medallic works in the British Museum; The Royal Coin Cabinet; The National Museum of Economy, Stockholm, Sweden; The American Numismatic Society; and the Smithsonian Institute.

Commissions include pieces in Children’s Hospital, Los Angeles, CA and Casa Claret at Dominguez Seminary, Dominguez Hills, CA.

Jim worked as a sculptor-engraver at the United States Mint, Philadelphia, PA.; sculptor at Franklin Porcelain and Franklin Mint, Franklin Center, PA.; master sculptor at Mattel Inc., El Segundo CA.;

Jim has created numerous sculpts for Mattel Inc., Kenner Toys, Get Real Girl, Learning Curve, Disney Stores, Playing Mantis, Radica, Nickelodeon, Ashton-Drake, Bradford Exchange, Equity Marketing, 21st Century Toys, and Irwin Toys.

Jim heads up our Sculpting Department here at Artistic Solutions and Production (ASaP). Jim's Pricing


Portfolio samples of Jim Licaretz:
Action Doll Sculpting: Robin - Wax / Jim Licaretz   Action Doll Sculpture: Batman / Jim Licaretz   Action Doll Sculpture: Get-Real-Girl Doll / Jim Licaretz   Action Doll Sculpture: Robin / Jim Licaretz   Articulated Sculpture: Get-Real-Girl Wax / Jim Licaretz   Articulated Sculpture: Ultimate- Soldier / Jim Licaretz  
Digital Sculpting: Lion Head / Jim Licaretz   Doll Sculpting: Jessica Rabbit - Whole Body / Jim Licaretz   Doll Sculpting: Madeline / Jim Licaretz   Doll Sculpting: My-Size Barbie / Jim Licaretz   Doll Sculpting: Princess Wishing-Star / Jim Licaretz   Doll Sculpture: Baby-walk-n-roll / Jim Licaretz  
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