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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Services Offered:
•  Trend Board Services
•  Product Brainstorms
•  Preliminary Breadboard Models
•  Model Preparation
•  Color Selection & Design
•  Color Mixing - Perfect PMS Matching
•  Doll Face Painting & Design
•  Air Brush Painting
•  High Detail & Special Effects Painting
•  Presentation Production Models
•  Master Paint & Color for Manufacturing
•  Illustration
•  Illustrated Manuals & Picture Books
•  Book Design & Graphics

Portfolio Quick-list:
•  Detailed Face Painting: Buzz Lightyear Head
•  Illustration: Clue Game 1
•  Illustration: Clue Game 2
•  Illustration: Pan Pacific
•  Illustration: Past Lives Game
•  Model Painting: Buzz Lightyear
•  Model Painting: Buzz Lightyear standing
•  Model Painting: Disney Minis 1
•  Model Painting: Disney Minis 2
•  Model Painting: Woody and Gang
•  Model Painting: WWF Figures
•  Model Painting: Zurg
•  Special Effects Painting: 3 Dinos
•  Special Effects Painting: 5 Pomegranates
•  Special Effects Painting: Dino 2
•  Special Effects Painting: Dino 3
•  Special Effects Painting: Potter Game
•  Special Effects Painting: Potter Wands

ASaP Team Member:
Jolino Beserra

Joe Beserra graduated from Art Center College of Design where he studied Graphic Design and received a BFA in Illustration.

After college he worked in special effects painting in the film industry, working on such films as “The Thing”, “Pirhana”!, “King Kong”, and Speilberg’s “ET, The Extraterrestial”. He also worked at Scenic Studios as a scenic and faux-effects painter on large budget commercials and film trailers such as “Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me”.

Joe discovered his love for creating master paint models in 1999 and has since painted master models for companies such as Mattel, Pixar, Warner Bros., Disney, and Jaks Pacific. He was responsible for creating the master models for high profile projects such as the WWF Wrestling Figures, Toy Story I & II, Tarzan, Dinosaur and Harry Potter.

Joe heads up our Model Painting Department here at Artistic Solutions and Production (ASaP).

Joe and the ASaP team of master model painters can take on both the tiny “one hair brush” projects—such as those they have created for Mattel’s Polly Pockets and Disney Miniatures—as well as large scale models, such as George Lucas’ Death Star project for International Gaming Technology (IGT).

In the photo shown here, Joe is painting 250 faux pomegranates for Pom Wonderful’s pomegranate sales kits.

To see more of Joe's model making and model painting portfolio please contact your ASaP Client Assistant.


Portfolio samples of Jolino Beserra:
Detailed Face Painting: Buzz Lightyear Head / Jolino Beserra   Illustration: Clue Game 1 / Jolino Beserra   Illustration: Clue Game 2 / Jolino Beserra   Illustration: Pan Pacific / Jolino Beserra   Illustration: Past Lives Game / Jolino Beserra   Model Painting: Buzz Lightyear / Jolino Beserra  
Model Painting: Buzz Lightyear standing / Jolino Beserra   Model Painting: Disney Minis 1 / Jolino Beserra   Model Painting: Disney Minis 2 / Jolino Beserra   Model Painting: Woody and Gang / Jolino Beserra   Model Painting: WWF Figures / Jolino Beserra   Model Painting: Zurg / Jolino Beserra  
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