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Artistic Solutions and Production
Artistic Solutions and Production

Services in this Dept.
•  Creative Brainstorms & Idea Sessions
•  Creative Direction
•  Graphic Design & Layouts
•  Logo Design
•  Illustration
•  Photography
•  Trade Show Graphics & Design
•  Animation - All Forms
•  Power Point Presentations
•  Illustrated Manuals & Picture Books
•  Book Design & Graphics
•  Poster Art
•  Product Catalog Design
•  Multimedia Digital Displays

ASaP Team Members able to deliver Logo Design:
•  ASaP Project Coordinator
•  Barbara Cocks
•  Su Falcon
•  Graham Halky
•  Mark Langenbacher
•  Sudi McCollum
•  Claudia Miller
•  Chris Peterson
•  Len Smith
•  Wendy Wessel
•  Dean Wiest
•  Len Williams
•  David Edward Byrd
•  Peter Green
•  Bruce Rigney

Logo Design

Creating the perfect logo for your company can be a crucial factor in the success of your company or product. It is vital to find a professional who has the ability to create an icon for your business or product that communicates well to your potential customers. A great logo is the keystone of a well done Identity Program or Branding Campaign. As you will see from the portfolios connected to this page, we have been the creators of both high-end corporate and top selling product logos, as well as logos for many startup companies. Together, our designers have close to 360 years of experience designing logos. We suggest that you go through our portfolio samples until you zero in on an artist that has just the right look and feel for your logo. If you can’t make up your mind, ask one of our Client Assistants about our Creative Brainstorm & Idea Sessions for logos. It has not been uncommon for Clients to request anywhere from two to ten of our Logo Artists to come up with logo concepts for a company or service. You also might want to take advantage of some of the Market Research & Surveys, Product Naming Solutions and Product Positioning Services offered in the Marketing & PR Department before you have your logo designed. This department will do the necessary market research to be sure your logo, or future promotion, is going to communicate in the best way possible to the markets that have been targeted for your products or services.

For more information or assistance contact your ASaP Client Assistant.

Package Deals for Logo Design:
No package deals currently available for Logo Design.

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Portfolio samples of Logo Design:
05 Greeting Card: The Rabbit / Sudi McCollum   50 Celebrities / David Edward Byrd   61 Logos: Sudi McCollum / Sudi McCollum   64 Packaging: Bellwether Farms / Sudi McCollum   Ad Campaign: Blast-Off Breakfast Club / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Color West / Peter Green  
Ad Campaign: Freedom To Laugh (Aladdin Promotion) / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Goofy / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Healthy Heritage / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Neopets 1 / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Neopets 2 / Peter Green   Ad Campaign: Neopets 3 / Peter Green  
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For quick service, contact an ASAP Client Assistant directly, or call:
( 8 6 6 )   7 8 4 - 5 2 7 8

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