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Artistic Solutions and Production

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Portfolio Quick-list:
•  Air Filter Foam Studies
•  Auto Sports Facility Model
•  Casing and Electrical Design
•  Cast Wheels
•  Casting and RIM Parts
•  Electronic Writing Tablet
•  Guitar 1
•  Hot Wheels, Times Square
•  Mermaid RTV Mold
•  Rapiscan RTV Mold
•  San Juan Cap Resort Motel
•  Sohio Gas Station
•  Specialty Paint and Graphics
•  Tile Cutting Saw
•  Tourniquet View
•  Trowel Floats
•  Verti Canyon
•  Whispercode Limited Run
•  Whispercode Prototype Project
•  Wine Savor
•  Carl's Pricing

ASaP Team Member:
Carl Tenbrink

Carl's motto is, "if you can imagine it, I can make it!"

From a very young age, Carl created objects and works of art from whatever materials he could find. As a kid, he entered into art shows and science fairs taking many first place, "best of class" and "best of show" awards for a multitude of creative endeavors. At age 15, Carl won a first place ribbon, "Best of Class" and a trip to Washington DC for a scale replica of a turn of the century rail town. Carl's inventions of numerous mechanisms and kinetic models were only the beginning of his illustrious model-making career.

Carl's college years were spent in the creative Bachelor of Arts field and 10 months of study in Spain, with a full load of classes at the art academy "Escola Messana", a 13th century gothic hospital, and a complete curriculum at the University of Barcelona.

The next 32 years after college were spent creating products and models and solving manufacturing issues for a host of industries: toys, medical, consumer electronic, automotive, telecommunications, architectural and entertainment, to name only a few. Carl has created the Batman Mini-Chopper; the Batcycle and Monster Trucks for Mattel's Batman license; the Verti-Harry Quiddish game for Mattel; as well as the prize winning, large-scale, interactive display for Hot Wheels, which was the main Hot Wheels attraction at the recent NY Toy Fair. He has designed the Stikfa Delta Boy Extreme car for Hasbro and various prototype action car models for the "Car Launchers" license at Playmates. Carl also created many prototype sculpts of action figures for Bandai and also developed and created the final model of the "Foosball Table" for Warrior Custom Golf.

To date, Carl has various patents to his name for creative solutions to real problems or needs. He has been creating a wide variety of models for product development companies such as: Custom Building Products, Inc.; Watkins; Wine Innovations, LLC; Media Check; BioCybernetics and C-Tech. For these clients he has created a diverse array of prototypes, such as: furniture, waterfall devices, inventions for saving wine, self cleaning kitty boxes, and household media devices to monitor the Nielson TV Ratings.

For the medical industry, he recently designed a neck brace and an innovative field tourniquet that can be applied in less than 15 seconds. He has also recently designed and patented a revolutionary dialysis machine.

Carl's model making department can create anything from walking talking dolls to medical machinery to full blown car prototypes. We take on projects both very large and small.

Carl heads up the ASaP Model Making Department and is a respected and long time member of the company.

Carl’s Pricing


Portfolio samples of Carl Tenbrink:
Air Filter Foam Studies / Carl Tenbrink   Auto Sports Facility Model / Carl Tenbrink   Casing and Electrical Design / Carl Tenbrink   Cast Wheels / Carl Tenbrink   Casting and RIM Parts / Carl Tenbrink   Electronic Writing Tablet / Carl Tenbrink  
Guitar 1 / Carl Tenbrink   Hot Wheels, Times Square / Carl Tenbrink   Mermaid RTV Mold / Carl Tenbrink   Rapiscan RTV Mold / Carl Tenbrink   San Juan Cap Resort Motel / Carl Tenbrink   Sohio Gas Station / Carl Tenbrink  
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